Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Long day!!!!!!!!! I had school.. and we went to the ABC Channel 6 news station.. that was a lot of fun!!!! The people there are VERY nice, and intresting.. I have a new love for ABC 6's 12 news caster - April O'Dell...she is jsut the cutest thing.. with her compact... and her hair brush!!! AWW!!!!

Anyways.. after school.. i ran back to pick up some stuff for community rec... and then i had to play for the childrens mass at church tonight.. which was nice.. cuase i always enjoy playing.. but.. i felt weird.. i hadnt been to church in months.. and i sorta wanna keep it that way.. lol.. anyways after the love of my life Norma from WEST SIDE was there with her daughter so we chatted.. oh how i love that woman....

Then i headed off to Community Rec. for a bout 2 hours.. that was a mess... i hate kids.. lol... eek! they get to me... well that was fun with Kel, and Lizzy B... i love both of them a lot...

Now im home.. just had sum dinner.. and its about 10... im tired.. its WAY past my bed time...and i realized Seth.. is the male love of my life... we are going to be the bestest of friends there ever was!!! I love him... its crazy how well we get along.. and hes 26.. and im 17.. i love it.. anyways its time for bed... im madd tired.. peace


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